Funeral Musician * Life Coach

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“You do not just sing and play, you truly honor the funeral service.”  Beck Pizzack, funereal director

“Awesome! I had chills everywhere! You did an amazing job!  Thank you so much!!” Kathy Manna, Mother of the Bride

“I sat in that last pew and could feel all the stress leave my body as you sang.”  Parishioner


“I’m reminding you that you are a therapist with your music.”  Nikki R. Wilson


“Thank you so much for the beautiful music – you are so blessed – and so are we!!  It was great working with you and you made it easy for us!  Thank you again!!  Ann Savoy




“Stephanie, you’re like a bar tender.  I just get a vibe that you are sincerely empathetic and warm-hearted.  Thank you.”  Client



Your singing added a peacefulness and serenity that helped to make our prayer complete. Reverend Finley

“You pray when you sing.”  Organist, Lafayette, LA


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