Did you know the weight loss roller coaster robs you of enjoying fully appreciating your life?

What if you could gain or lose a pound and still have peace with yourself?

Have you tried all the plans out there and right now you need some mental relief from all the pressure of losing weight?

One of the things I do is help you to pop that release valve keeping you tangled up in emotions, constant weighing, and the shame over the whole weight loss thing.

What are you deciding in this moment?


What kind muscle do you need to sustain the mission when you know losing weight may not happen overnight?

What if I told you that your inner practice will sustain and transform the outer result?


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Peek in the Vault of a Journey to Peaceful Weight Loss

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The Power of Centering

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It’s About Deciding

 The first step is deciding.  

Once you decide to take on Peaceful Weight Loss – the support comes in!  

But even then – fears will come up and make you want to throw in the towel!

The more you waffle and go back and forth the longer it will take to see results.

  And part of the journey is knowing when to push AND pull.

 Don’t be fooled by quick fixes.  It’s the work we do “under the hood” that will create lasting results in mind AND body.

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