Are you sick of quick fixes, “Just do this and the weight will fall off!”

Are you feeling hopeless about losing weight?12308745_775838065854618_3005320459117094363_n

Are you afraid of what your life will look like at a smaller weight?

I’m glad you are here.  There is another way.  A peaceful and loving way.

I was heavy my whole life.  Over 100 pounds overweight – since I was young.  And believe me, I’ve tried every plan out there.  It took me over 30 years to figure out that it wasn’t about the food at all…not really.

Now, in my 40’s, I am clearer than ever about what it takes to raise a family, have a fulfilling career, embrace what my body tells me she needs, and live in my highest values.  

This is not about a plan.  There is no quick fix.

This is about you.

This is Peaceful Weight Loss.

The Power of Centering

Use this meditation to:

*settle into a quiet space

*listen for what your soul is telling you

*make decisions in your life from a place of balance

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