Have you ever felt like you have so much of your life all together and there there is this weight thing?

Are you tired of feeling accomplished and consistent in other areas of your life except this one?

Do you want someone who looks past scales primers on how to count calories?

Are you looking for another way?

If you are reaching the breaking point and wants some answers, support, or a listening ear, may I introduce myself?




My 100 lbs. Journey is Yours to Benefit!


Believe me, I’ve been there. Overweight, over-committed, and over the edge. Scared to wear a bathing suit, or step into a gym. On my wedding day, I told the photographer to focus on the kids and not me.  I took photos behind my husband, peering behind his shoulder. After I became a mom, I began to worry the weight had lost would return while I still had more to lose and I knew it was time to do something different. Have you been there, too?

Instead of focusing on the weight or the food, I learned to look inward at my own values, beliefs and lifestyle. 100 lbs later, I’m here to teach you the unconventional, yet successful methods I uncovered through my lifelong weight loss journey.

Insight Call

Want to see how I can help you?

No two people are the same, and neither should their weight loss process.  This why I developed an insight path to weight loss.  It  doesn’t mean you can’t play around or try meal plan or styles that work for you – in fact – I encourage it.  I am hybrid of many plans.  

I learned to own my right to say yes and no to what works for me.  I have left many a trainer standing at the weight machine because I no longer want to push myself with a backache or just because it was Tuesday.  I want to live from the inside out.  That included my career – not working myself to the bone and my body – not pushing it where it did not want to go.

The first step is deciding.  Once you decide to live this way the support comes in.  All these fears will come up and this is where someone who has already walked this path AND learned how to share it with others along the way is such a wonderful, beautiful thing.



Your energy is magical.

Solange Lopes, www.sdlopes.com

Just talking to you brings good things.  You have a beautiful spirit.

Madeline Mignon

I am inspired just talking to you.

Sarah Palmer

I’m SO glad you came and also for all of your beautiful feedback.  Dan and I were both so inspired and impressed by you.  You are so insightful and wise and an amazing coach!  I am so glad you’re stepping more into this calling, which feels so right for you.

Jodi Champan, Soul Speaks

Your work, your enthusiasm, your attitude, your reliability, your professionalism – and so much more – have earned this.  I will never minimize another, but I will certainly give you credit where credit is due.

Beth Piazzeck

Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years?

Write your destiny.  You have the pen.

I’d love to know your story, your challenges, and help you shine a light in this space.  Click the button and I’ll be so happy to talk with you.

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