*Enhance your health with a plant based way of eating

*Embrace support emotionally and spiritually

*Feel more energy, not just from the weight loss, but from the POWER of what is on your fork!


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before after July 2015

Plant Based Weight Loss

My 100 lbs. Journey is Yours to Benefit!

pd face story

Whole food, plant based eating changed me.  If you see the above photo of my face, 30 days after 100% Protective Diet eating shows changes in my face!  I couldn’t believe it!  I literally ate my way through those 30 days, and still felt better and saw changes!  As I continued, the changes increased.  Don’t give up!  This is OPTIMAL health!

 I learned to look inward at my own values, beliefs and lifestyle.  But here is the kicker —- I was ONLY looking at my spiritual practice and there was no ACTION to truly find what would make my body want to release the weight.  

Despite having loss 80 lbs. (yeah!) crazy things started happening.

*foggy thinking * blurry vision * dizzy spells * left leg numb for no reason * high blood pressure * horrible digestion – up all night * bloating * just to name a few!

Today I follow a beautiful plant based diet supported by the folks at Protective Diet and Meal Mentor.  I  believe in support, ongoing education, and a steady supply of good recipes!  What do you have to lose?  Time is passing by every minute.  

When I first started the plant based lifestyle, Meal Mentor Meal Plans and Happy Herbivore cookbooks were a lifeline.  


Make the decision today!

It is possible to enjoy a plant based way of life eating delicious food and becoming friends with your kitchen.  I work with  Protective Diet, whose philosophy is rooted in the groundbreaking, proven, work of Dr. Caldwell Essylsten and Dr. John McDougall – both well known plant based doctors.

PD and Meal Mentor Support My Plant Based Weight Loss

I had lost about 80 lbs and thought my problems were nearly over.  Sadly, I began to have high blood pressure and unexplained numbness in my left leg. Sacred and worried for my future, I started digging.  There had to be more for me than a smaller size.  What good was a smaller size if I was sick?  I couldn’t eat any fewer calories and yet I was always hungry.  Could it be the food I was eating?  Turns out – eating fewer calories is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimal health.

The first step is deciding.  Once you decide to live a plant based diet the support comes in yet – fears will come up and make you want to throw in the towel! This is where someone who has already walked this path AND learned how to share it with others along the way is such a wonderful, beautiful thing.  the more you waffle and go back and forth the longer it will take to see results.  I thought I could meditate or yoga my way through weight loss.  I knew that my spiritual practice was critical to staying the course, but still I came up empty when it came to seeing more weight release.  What was causing this?  It wasn’t until I committed to a whole food plant based plan, NO MATTER WHAT, that changed started happening.  Loving myself NO MATTER WHAT for my health was new to me.  I also realized after those 30 days with Julie, and several months of Meal Mentor’s plans,  that I wanted to turn around and help others too.

My final pounds are releasing, 28 lbs this year alone, bringing my total weight loss to over 100 lbs and the best health of my life!    If you are 40 and over – don’t believe for one single, solitary minute that weight loss has to be hard!


PD Journey 11 months


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Your energy is magical.

Solange Lopes, www.sdlopes.com

Just talking to you brings good things.  You have a beautiful spirit.

Madeline Mignon

I am inspired just talking to you.

Sarah Palmer

I’m SO glad you came and also for all of your beautiful feedback.  Dan and I were both so inspired and impressed by you.  You are so insightful and wise and an amazing coach!  I am so glad you’re stepping more into this calling, which feels so right for you.

Jodi Champan, Soul Speaks

Your work, your enthusiasm, your attitude, your reliability, your professionalism – and so much more – have earned this.  I will never minimize another, but I will certainly give you credit where credit is due.

Beth Piazzeck