Find the Right Coach/Mentor

Hang around the teacher’s lounge long enough and you will hear tales of lazy, undisciplined children. In the same way, coaches will complain their clients aren’t ready to do the work or are unfocused. In both cases, neither is forcing us to look at ourselves. We assume the perceived problem is with the other person.
And you need to know that the reason you don’t do what these coaches suggest is because it’s not aligning to your values. So you are labeled lazy, undisciplined, not driven. You are given these labels instead of realizing that you’re self defeating because what they suggest is not congruent with your values. And so you go to different consultants until you finally find the one who matches, whose values are aligned with yours.
Dr. John Demartini,

Some examples of misalignment of values could be
* a strict, religious, school expecting the out of the box thinker to conform without strife.
* a client who values long, thoughtful answers as opposed to quick responses.
* teaching a student from a Cajun music family classical music when she wants to play in her family band.

Sometimes we learn from trial and error, and that is okay. Sometimes it is in the learning of what we don’t value that we realize what we do. This is why my coaching system includes a tool for determining what you value and it may not be what you think it is. I never moved forward as much as when I stopped focusing on my problems and shifted to what I valued most and how to align my life to do more of it.

My son sings this song and the message  reminds me what is possible when we embrace who we are, not putting ourselves above or below another.


“Never letting go

Gotta learn to go

Watch me as I touch the sky

Still I fly”

You Are Worth Your Time

You Are Worth Your Time

One way I treated myself as a queen was breakfast!  I’ve always loved a hearty breakfast and I still enjoy one to this day!  The ingredients have changed but the warm, southern flavors still remain.  I am worth the time it takes for a great breakfast.  I don’t feel that way about dinner.  For dinner I could eat a bowl of cereal. :-)

You are worth taking the time to find ways to enjoy and love your life!


What is one way you will enjoy your life this week?


Food and Spirituality



Simple Abundance  by Rozanne Henry
Simple Abundance
by Rozanne Henry


The title I chose for this piece has a story behind it. I have been noticing the connection between what I eat and how I feel. The added benefit was that as I became more present with what I ate, my spiritual connection increased. I began to feel full inside, as feelings of calm, peacefulness and even joy began emerging. When I felt this connected and centered, I felt abundant in many ways and did not need all the excess comfort food. Life feels more beautiful when connected to the simple abundance available to us all.  Rozanne Henry, Artist


What is your spiritual quest?  What brings you meaning?  What do you want in return for your service?


What are you doing right now that you love enough to eat in a way that fuels you do to more of it?


These are big questions.  Need help with answers?  Drop me a line or take out a notebook and start writing.


When I started my weight loss journey of healing I could not see where I would be today – doing what I am doing.  Trust.  Trust that there is more for you and as you are ready, it will reveal itself.    Here are some affirmations and words of power to get you going.


Record your inspirations and act on them.

I am humble, I am a disciple, and I listen to my soul.

I am an expression of the divinity, and I honor myself.

The Riches Within


Oh how I love combining what I eat with what I do in between meal time!  Soul Cake are two words that fit together perfectly!  We are living a life so sweet, full of soul and our heart’s desire that it really is like Soul Cake!


What’s in My Lunch Bag aka Power Bag?

A big key to feeling great is taking charge of your food when away from home.  Before heading out for the day, I show you what I bring with me.  I bring more food than I need so I always in case I am stuck in town.

If you are interested in the recipes for my snacks head over to the Protective Diet website.

What’s in your power bag?


A power bag gives me:

  • clear thinking
  • no bloating or feeling “fat”
  • more energy the next day
  • good sleep at night
  • more energy to do more work I love!


Video Blog – Honoring Your the Path to YOUR Way of Eating


Hey Ya’ll,


Oh, I could write an entire book on the highs and lows of plans I have bought along the way.  The good news is I learned so much!  But on the other hand, I am reminded of this quote by Mark Twain, “Be careful about reading health books, you may die of a misprint.”




What  foods have you have taken on or left out as you have gone through your life?

Tell me all about it here on on my facebook page, The Peaceful Weight Loss Coach.



Larry Dossey Quote

The Lady at the Buffet

Larry Dossey Quote


I saw a lady in the Greek buffet I perceived to be checking out of life.   She was overweight and sat close to the buffet with her phone in one hand, a magazine in her lap, and two plates of  fried food.

We either eat our dreams or live them.  We either step into our lives or we feast on fried food and the agendas of others.  It’s easier to read about the lives of others than to open my mind and heart to the plate of life.

In my own life, I moved out of that space slowly.  My mind and heart don’t always work as one.  I  want to be “that person” who could get by with a healthy meal for my body,  but the next thing I knew –  I was overeating.    Will power was never enough.  The only thing that made shifting peaceful was allowing myself the desire for more of life.  I gave my eyes a chance to blink gently into how my family, work, and physical body could change.  Sometimes just thinking bigger was so overwhelming that I shut in down and became the lady at the restaurant table ordering item after item.

I never moved so slowly as when I spent hours with therapists talking about food.  I never moved so fast as when I focused on what I wanted out of life and found mentors and coaches that held space for me to take the next steps.  I’m not saying all therapy is bad – I am only speaking from my experience.   Until I shifted my focus complaining about what others had done to me instead of how they came to strengthen me for more major changes stood at a standstill.

Is there an area of your life where you are eating your dreams?  Avoiding success?  Fear of failure?  Wondering what will people think?

What is one aspect of your life that could use a tiny step forward?   Tell me about it.  I want to know.  Share here or on my Facebook page, The Peaceful Weight Loss Coach.

Have you heard my seven minute  free meditation,  Centering Around Overeating It’s yours here.



cold season tips

Cold Season Tips

cold season tips


Cold Season comes every year and for some it is a horrible reminder that they may spend days out of work and in bed.  Or worse yet, working barely able to breathe.  Here are some of my remedies for either avoiding a cold or shortening its stay.  I have used this myself over the years and I can say they worked for me.

It could be more than simply cold temperatures that bring on these problems. First, the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is referred to as “sugar season.”  Sugar lowers immunity.  In macrobiotic circles, infections in the upper respiratory often signal excess sugar as a source.  Another source is the busyness of these seasons, on top of regular schedules, may lead to lest rest than normal, lowering immunity.  If you become stressed around these holidays, there is yet another reason for lowered immunity.

Here are my best tips for the cold/flu season.  I have gone the past two years with only minor sniffles, lasting a couple of days at most.  I credit it to my lifestyle, first and foremost.  I make rest a priority and I hands down, say no to things most all of the time.  I prepare my fall calendar with how I want to feel on January 1st.  I plan my January – March calendar by how I want to feel in May.  Do I want to be stressed, tired, and burned out?  No way!

Peppermint Tea- 100% organic – no additives


Throat Coat - Traditional Medicinals


On Guard- DoTerra Essential Oil


Breathe – DoTerra Essential Oil


Peppermint beadlets - DoTerra


On Guard – throat drops – DoTerra


Breathe – throat drops – DoTerra

Digestion Bonus - Super Papaya Enzyme Plus Chewables

Stress Bonus – Adaptables by Solle Naturals

*water with lemon* hot baths* exercise* little/no talking to rest voice * no chilled drinks * hydrate more than you think you should * eliminate or reduce coffee

placement worthy of love

You Are Worthy of Love

Hello Dear Friends,

How have your days been?  Do you have a day when someone says something to you and you feel like an ant?  Do you get stuck and wonder how to get out of it only to find yourself angry or complaining to friends?

Someone accused me of something that wasn’t true, clearly because of gossip and assuming,  and it really took me by surprise how low I felt.  It triggered me at the heart level.  I had been doing reading on shame and it was clear to me I was taking this to mean *I* was bad, not just misunderstood.  I struggled with it and remembered an affirmation by author Dr. John Demartini which says, “No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.”  I repeated it over and over again and put on encouraging music and meditations as I slept.

I awoke the next morning with a song in my heart, clarity of my purpose, and a huge creative surge to sing it!   I hope it touches you and brings such value to your life.  I hope you realize that you are valuable and the work you have in this world is meaningful.

It’s not about “haters gonna hate” for me.  It’s about understanding that we are all deserving of love and every challenge is a bread crumb to pull us into more love than before.  I would love to hear your thoughts and challenges or anything that comes up for you around this.


Do You Have Realistic Expectations of Relaxation?


I thought I would share my self-care ” bomb.”  I planned this huge trip to Kripalu in October and attended a weekend Geneen Roth workshop called ‘Women, Food, and God.”  I saved my money and stayed the least amount of time I could get away with being away from work and staying on budget.  But, here is what happened.
*I barely slept in a dorm room of six other women
*I spent two entire days doing nothing but flying and sitting in airports.
*I took me an entire week to recover.  I was exhausted.
*There were so many people packed in the workshop I literally started having anxiety attacks.

Were there great things about it?  YES! The views, meeting Geneen, writing lots of cool notes and takeaways, meeting amazing people, enjoying healthy food 24/7.. But what I *learned* from it was that self-care is not to be rushed.  I would have been better off doing something every single day or every week instead of trying to fill my cup on a trip that looked good from the outside, but in practice proved stressful.  2014 was the year of me expanding, and 2015 is the year of more daily self-care, more yin to the yang.  Relaxing is not about making it work.  It is about not working.

Anyone here ever thought something was going to be relaxing, only to find it stressful?  In the end, you realized it is better to put in little deposits than save it up for a big one (if the big one is just too much in too little time)?  How do you give yourself true relaxation on a daily basis?