Are you an Athlete?


View Yourself like an athlete

Fuel Yourself like an athlete.

Athletes are committed and disciplined because it supports their goal to achieve greatness. Athletes have a burning desire for themselves and team to rise above the masses of mediocrity.

If the Olympics came to my town, would they offer me a medal for rising about the every day ways of doing and being?  Or would the powers that be see me as someone who takes care her body in the most beautiful.  Would I earn a medal for consistency?  What greatness walks alongside me?

I listened to a college athlete list his daily schedule.  I sat on the couch thinking, “That is me.  I do that every day.”

After watching a report the report I began to take myself seriously.  I am not only an athlete, but I also were that hat of the NCAA.  Here is why the power of the mother is noble.

  • I determine which brands of food and clothing my family purchases.
  • I can choose to endorse, or not, brands to my friends.
  • I am not paid in the form of a paycheck, to be a mom.
  • I do the same routine over and over again.
  • Some nights I have forgotten to eat dinner.  Which is rare, after all this is a blog about weight loss, but it is happened.
  • I created my own manual because I grew tired of never trusting myself and inner wisdom.

I am a mom athlete.  In this video I own it.  I embrace it.


How I Learned to Go For It


Weight loss isn’t the only area of my life where I thought about giving up. I accompanied one of the best choirs in our area.  Nervous about falling short, I rehearsed several times the week before the service. organ previous week. I felt prepared. Still, there were bumps in the road I didn’t see coming. For one thing, I was playing with an ensemble so entrances had to be perfect.  Although it was was an easy piece, I struggled to stay on time with the other instrumentalists.  We had not had a rehearsal and it had been some time since I’d worked with a choir director.  This was a speed bump I could not have formally practiced.  Although I recovered from the mistake and the remainder of the service went smoothly, I was disappointed in myself.

The vulnerable child in me want to run from the building screaming because I made a mistake.

My responsible hat wanted to pour some guilt on the fire because I “should” have seen that coming.

The playful child in me wanted to laugh it off but the critic in my head new better. There was a pressure to get it 100% correct or risk losing future work.

During the sermon, I closed my eyes and practiced breathing in one nostril and out the other. I brought my body into a state of calm with balanced breathing. The mind follows the breath.

I asked for a phrase that I could repeat to bring me peace and balance. This is what came to mind.

I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.

I didn’t question why this affirmation came to my mind, I just repeated it.  When my  mind would wander, I returned it to the affirmation.

Wisdom embraces all of the parts of myself – those I love and those I disown. I remember that my soul desires my highest and best self to come forward while still loving life. I am reminded that a genius embraces their light.  I felt my power returning to my body.  Love filled my heart and although there was still some tension, I completed the service with grace and quality music.



Despite our best intentions, practices, and planning, real life throws us a curve balls. You can count on it. Recruiting a coach, mentor, book, or audio in your corner moves you through it faster. Making a mistake for a prestigious choir could have invited fast food on the way home. The invitation to eat the shame and avoid embarrassment would have steered my car.

Instead, I drove home, ate lunch, and retreated to my room. I closed my eyes and listened to Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain. The weight loss mindset isn’t only about decreasing your body size. The Peaceful Weight mindset reaches to every area of my life. That’s how you make the weight loss stick.

Jump in and know there will be hurdles you can’t see coming. That’s okay. Get your support tools in place and get going! Sometime we learn how to fly that plane when it’s in the air.


My free eCourse is a fantastic way to begin your weight loss mindset journey.


Keeping Your Focus

Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone else’s property.  Yet they wreck the very temple their Creator gifted them.   
Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto
Where do we learn how to take care of our temple?  Is it at Easter where sugar and fat laden foods grace every flat surface?  Is it at a party?  Will it take seeing people out who live the life you want – but don’t see around you? At what point do we refuse the food that causes problems?  Bravery calls us yet we miss its calling because we want to feel better momentarily.  The desire to ingest anything to soothe when soothing seems far away.

When I wrestle with the food on a food level, I only go so far.  When I look at food through the eyes of how I want to live other areas of my life – I feel courage rising.  When I look at my weekly schedule, my mind travels to preparing the foods and drinks I’ll have ready for the week.  When I look ten years ahead, I see myself setting up habits and ways of thinking that don’t belong to the masses.  

If the energy of my body fades, so too will my motivation.

The thoughts that will bring you higher will not be the thoughts of some people around you.

When others around you see doom and gloom you may find yourself downhearted that night or the next day.  You may not even realize it came from an interaction that left you doubting yourself.  Try using this affirmation.

That may be true for you, but it’s not true for me.
Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life DVD
For more inspiration, check out my eBook – Weight Loss The Peaceful Way.



2 Ways to Restore Inner Balance



The text below is an excerpt from my eBook, Weight Loss The Peaceful Way.


Fair exchange of energy is important   Consider allowing letting two days to focus on receiving.  Even better is to see how you can give and receive in the same
busy day. An empty well gives no water.

Here are two things I’d like to recommend, to help you restore inner balance:
1. Keep an eye mask in your car, office, by the bed, or any place that’s
convenient. Find a great recorded meditation then use headphones
to sit or recline comfortably while you tune in to the recording and
yourself. A light, comfy blanket draped over you may help you feel
safe, protected, and hugged. Bring yourself to a relaxed state, even
if all you can do is fie or ten minutes a day (do more whenever you
can). You’ll be amazed at what this will do for you. I kid you not!
2. When you plan your day, include times when you will slow down, and
then intentionally move slower during those times. Slow-down time is
about pace, but also about time to nurture you. As I drive in town, I listen
to something inspiring rather than what’s on the radio. Allow things that
support your agenda of life come to your senses, not others’ ideas of what
you should hear. Maybe I say my affirmations or place an essential oil in
the vent on a cotton ball. Driving alone in a car is a great opportunity for
clearing and restoring your energy.


Learn more about my peaceful mindset approach to weight loss in my ebook.  There are times in our journey we need someone to hold our heart, not the scale.


Callia by Carrie

Callia by Carrie Exercise Wear Review

Callia by Carrie

Most of the time I exercise at home and a big reason is because my exercise clothes bother me.  They are either too big, too tight, show to much, or look completely outdated.


I noticed Carrie Underwood developed a line of fitness clothing.  I found myself studying the items every day.  What was the material?  Is this overpriced?  Would it even fit? I purchased the blue top on the right and I love it.  My concern was the fit.  Most clothing lines stop at a XL size and I had long ago ceased shopping for cute exercise wear.  Now that I was going to yoga classes, the frustration at wanting something that fit correctly with the coverage I needed was real.  I took the leap and nearly cried when they fit.  The XL fit with room to spare!  It was a happy day in my house.  The fabric has a unique quality to it.  I was sweating, but the material stayed soft without becoming icky.  I never realized what a difference quality exercise clothing makes.

A funny thing happens when I walk out of my house.  Strangers have no idea how far I have come.  Yoga teachers constantly tell me to “hold in my belly.”  Yes, I get it,  but inside I yell, “Girl!  I am proud of this belly.  This belly has seriously undergone some change!  Lay off the belly, lady.”

There was a time I avoided exercise groups.  I walked in my neighborhood or utilized my huge DVD library of workouts.  Today, I admire the ladies who can twirl themselves in a pretzel.  I see my possibility in them. I know I am growing in strength. flexibility, and confidence.  This turns everyone in class from my judge to my friend.

Where are you holding back feeling comfortable?  What toleration’s have emerged in your life calling to be resolved?  Maybe I’ll see you in my new top!


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Coming Back from Checking out

Artwork by Patty Fleckenstein
Artwork by Patty Fleckenstein

Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.

Crunch.  Crunch. Crunch.

I turn my head and see the room.  I sit in a video game store. My son plays a game demo.  I hold a bag of caramel popcorn.  I can’t remember what happened.  How long have I been crunching?  What game is he playing?  Who just walked in the store?

I literally checked out.  I took the caramel popcorn, sat down, and said, “I’m outta here.”

I have done this countless times, but never have I caught it so abruptly.  It was the first time my awareness of what happened was crystal clear.  I gently asked myself to stay awake to the present moment.  In doing so, I realized I didn’t want to stay in the video store.  “It’s time to go after the game, I told my son.

It was my voice.   My voice desired to be heard, to leave the video store, but instead I returned to a former state of people pleasing and therefore – overeating.  Overeating sustains the people pleasing.  Eating to numb out is the premium fuel for not rocking the boat.  Loud crunches of popcorn mimic the my frustration.

Emotional eating is a language of its own, like hieroglyphics or braille. Instead of trying to understand it, we’re more likely to try to ignore it or shut it up. But we can’t rid ourselves of emotional eating until we listen to what it has to say. Our relationship with food is expressing a true need, so unless we learn what it’s trying to tell us, permanent weight loss will be impossible. Once we “get it” and understand the needs that food fulfills, emotional eating, having served its purpose, will stop.

Geneen Roth,


The next time you have left the room and come back.  Take a breath.  You made it back.  You made it to the next moment.  The next time you catch yourself; high five for the awareness.   Overeating is the white, wooden gate to my soul.   It is the red flag that turns to blue when I surrender to my voice.


You’ve got this.



Master These 3 Key Points to Stay the Course

If eating well and exercising are so good for us, why isn’t everyone doing it?  I wasn’t.  Even today in the busyness of life it can take all I have to exercise and make the best choice.  Do you wonder why you aren’t as committed as you wish?  Would you like to learn another way?  Wouldn’t you want to know the secrets that successful people know?

I was over 300 lbs. and exercising to a Leslie Sansone DVD in my kitchen.  I felt like a big tub of lard moving around but Leslie’s encouragement kept me going.  Making the choice to exercise the day didn’t replace my feelings of fear, they walked along side it.

In this video, I talk about three components that kept me on track to lose over 100 lbs.  I do not worry about regaining the weight.  My mind relaxes more around food as I worked diligently to master these three areas.

If you want to dig deeper, you will glean much out of my eBook.

If someone you know has weight loss on their mind, please share this video to encourage them.



I’m from South Louisiana and had the pleasure of meeting Grammy winning artist Chubby Chennier.  Here is one of my favorite songs.  Man, I love living in South Louisiana, home of the Rajin Cajuns!  Enjoy our culture in this song.





Eating Medicinally/Book Review “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet”



When I began my weight loss journey my motivation was a smaller size.    After losing 80 lbs. and several sizes –  I developed dizzy spells, mild depression, high blood pressure, backaches and foggy thinking.

Say what?  I felt defeated.  Why didn’t the weight loss keep these things from happening?

On the advice of a mentor, I tried a session with a macrobiotic counselor.  I noticed immediately that his advice was not typical of a medical doctor or naturopath.  Suggested protocols were to eat fewer tomatoes, eat more greens, or cut out bananas. There was a reason for each suggestion based on what I told him was bothering me.

It sounded easy to cut out those foods and discover if better health was possible through this path.   I confess.  It wasn’t easy.  It was far from easy.  The truth is – most of the time I had a big, loud, stamping my feet fit!  Not only was I watching what I ate to lose weight but now I had to eat or not eat specific foods. Little did I realize just how addicted to food I was and that included having my own way.

Could I love myself through tampering with my food in this way?  Could I release the compulsion to eat the very foods he asked me to avoid when the stressful days came?  In any given moment I could ignore his suggestions, drive to the doctor’s office, and receive a prescription.  I pictured my life revolving around doctor visits and prescriptions because of my unwillingness to try these suggestions.  After about a week I was ready to try the ideas of the counselor.

Despite my work with emotional eating, there was another layer of this onion to be peeled. Eating medicinally, as opposed to following my every craving, demanded a freedom I had never known. I craved peace without the foods I believed were treats. Could I nourish my body in a way that honors and supports my life purpose? I desired more in my life, and I refused to be limited by food.  I changed the lens of how I viewed food.  I looked at my hair and thought of all had eaten to create my hair.  I looked around and realized the food I had consumed created and sustained my vision.  As I walked and stretched, I realized my back wasn’t aching and moved with more freedom.

Eating medicinally means following the body’s needs – not the body’s cravings. Eating medicinally represents living a whole, big life as opposed to a short-term rush of sugar and stress cravings.  Which calls you?

There is a wonderful primer available about eating in a way that supports the body. Most of the tips you can implement the day you read the book. When the resistance rears its head set the book aside.  This approach is counter to the way most people think of food.

It’s okay to cry when the onion peels.  You have a big life ahead of you.

No matter what you eat or don’t eat – you are loved.


What My Child Teaches Me About Weight Loss

Click the photo for a free audio on moving through weight loss with the challenge of motherhood and homeschooling.



One thing I love about son, and at the same time has been one of my biggest triggers, is how he wears his feelings. He hasn’t learned to hide them or deny them, and therefore they spill everywhere. Lately, I have noticed a parallel between the evolution of releasing my feelings while my son learns to understand his.

As I love my son through the challenge of completing a math assignment, I see myself. The page of problems he easily completes on most days feels like climbing Mount Everest today.  How many times would I eat well three or four days and then on the fifth day wreck it?  Suddenly he wants out of the commitment he made to do the work.  Suddenly, I would disregard everything my head knew to do about eating well. Things are getting uncomfortable, and he wants to exit stage right post haste.  I can relate.

Moving forward with peace during weight loss is not somewhere we arrive. It is something you cultivate with every lesson. Moments beckon us to run away. Life morphs from the familiar to the uncomfortable in the blink of an eye. Binging on ice cream seems a viable alternative. Drinking coffee with disregard of the impending tummy ache seems rational. The body craves to be anywhere but here.

As I hold space for my son to build his perseverance during this simple math lesson, I see him develop a tolerance for discomfort while he I allow his frustration.  Sticking to a commitment and feeling the feeling of not wanting to do it at the same time is nothing short of amazing and miraculous.   I recall how others held this same space for me, and I slowly learned allow the space in myself.

My son has everything he needs to succeed – an understanding of the directions, a clean workspace with cool math props, a sharp pencil with a cute eraser, and a calm environment completely with essential oils diffusing. On the outside what more could he need? On the outside, what more do we think we need when we subscribe to the next cleans, meal plan, or fast?  We have our calorie counter, food scale, bookmarks set up to the support forum, and we are set, right?

What we need is a live human being to step into the trenches with us. When we feel understood – a hard shell melts. As I rub my son’s back and remind him that I believe in him, we bond in a way that could not have happened without math. When someone holds this loving place for us, we melt and rise up higher in the end. The heat of emotions transform to a simmer and suddenly we find ourselves back on track and the support doesn’t need to be there for now. We have found strength in our weakness through the gift of another’s loving presence.

Again and again life presents the unexpected lessons. Will we continue to run from our shadows or embrace them only to find they weren’t so bad after all?